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What have I been up to since the new year?

Well let me fill you in:

Matthew (my now fiancé) and I got engaged right before the new year so now there has been nothing but wedding talk and planning as well as planning for our honeymoon. We have dated two years, official first date was January 9th, 2020.

Engaged December 26th, 2021
Yes, I had to play around with engagement photo ideas

I am currently a third of the way through my certification program. I’m learning a lot, especially since I never thought I’d have an interest or potential career in the medical field.

Ali our newest addition to the family has officially been with us for a whole year! Yes we are cat parents. Cats are cool!

Cats love boxes and he loves his toys…most of all my hair ties.

Matt tested positive for Covid this week so there’s that too…

We bought an air fryer for $49.99 and are just loving it so far! There will be many recipes to come!

Other than that, we’ve mostly just been letting the engagement sink in and are slowly starting to make small wedding plans for the spring. I’m overly excited and will keep you all posted on updates!

Stay warm out there and thanks for taking the time to read my post,

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