Frugal February!


How about a no spend month???

I don’t know about you girls, but I rack up so much reckless spending every single month. I am also on a really tight budget while going back to school and working part time. I have a home and bills to pay for every month and somehow I still find ways to justify spending money on shoes, clothing, make-up, you name it. On top of that I’m saving for a wedding, which won’t be crazy expensive, but also a honeymoon; all happening in just 5 short months!

This month, being the shortest of the year, I figured would be the easiest to try a no spend month. As list above are do’s and don’ts for the challenge if anyone wants to give this a try with me. I think I’ll be surprised by the outcome. This includes eating out, shopping for anything other than groceries, and even cancelling unneeded subscriptions!

Also a little savings challenge to see what we save when we don’t reckless spend!
To help keep me on track with my budget and to see where my money goes every month.

Feel free to download any and all of these templates if you’re interested in joining me for Frugal February. One of my main goals this year is to really keep track of my money and save as much as possible.

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