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Just thought I’d pop on here and share my current reads of the past month. I love to read and am slowly getting back into this enjoyable hobby. Life seems so busy at times, but when you realize how much time we spend in front of the tv or scrolling on our phones, we end up having a lot more time on our hands than we realize.

Book 1: Still Me by Jo Jo Moyes

This is the third and final book of the Me Before You trilogy. You may recall the movie Me Before You about a girl named Lu taking care of Will, a man paralyzed from the neck down. She slowly falls in love with a man who can’t bare the thought of going on living. I’ve enjoyed this series so much, because Lu was a girl to afraid to do anything or have any sense of adventure until she met Will. By the third book she starts out finding who she is and knows as long as you have the drive and the courage you can do anything you set your mind to. Based on love, romance, drama, work and drive. I’ve loved reading about Lu and her sense of uniqueness. Altogether as a series I’d rate it:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am currently reading: Defy the Stars by Claudia Grey. It is a Star Wars like novel. I’m definitely stepping outside of my normal reading genre. A book about space isn’t something I have ever read. I’m only a few chapters in, but I think it’ll be a quick read. I’ve read Claudia Grey’s Evernight series (school of vampires and ghosts) as a teen and really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d read her other works.

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