February Update


How this month has been going…

Frugal February….I won’t lie to you all, its been a struggle. We went out for dinner once and went out and saw a movie. It was my fiancé’s and I’s first movie together in the 2 years we’ve been dating.

This is the movie we saw. I’m a huge Marvel fan!

My fiancé and I are planning our wedding for the beginning of June this year. He booked us our plane tickets last night and I ordered a wedding dress to try on! It was $30.

However after all my monthly expenses I have managed to save a few hundred dollars, but it definitely wasn’t easy.

Wedding planning is stressful whether you’re planning a big, extravagant wedding, having a small minimal wedding (what we’re going for) or even eloping. Picking who’s going to marry you, the venue, cake, dress, guests, the date, the honeymoon…the list goes on!

Matthew is having a close friend marry us and his parents are hosting the reception. I need to ask someone to make our cake, and officially decide on my dress and send out invites. That’s pretty much all I have to worry about and yet I feel overwhelmed! Also all the little things like getting the marriage license, getting my name changed and then updating all current bills with the name change.

Other than the typical wedding stress, February has been a good month. Matt and I are excited that the date is getting closer and becoming more real. Next step is sending out invites and booking out stays for the honeymoon. He is my rock and has kept me calm during it all. Definitely my best friend that I cannot wait to build a life with.

For Valentine’s Day we attempted to make some homemade, fresh pasta which turned out delicious and there will definitely be a recipe on the blog soon. Just needs a little perfection. I don’t think we’re ever buying boxed pasta again…it was that easy! We also watched Castaway because I hadn’t seen the movie, and it was awesome.

Please let me know how your month is going! Would love to chat with my readers. Until the next post, thanks for stopping by,


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