Spring Self Care


Yes, sometimes it takes 4 months into the new year to really start getting my life together and making some plans/promises to myself. It should never be too late to start, but the renewal of spring seems like a fresh start.

Just a quick reminder to take it easy on yourself, and that are are simple/affordable ways to treat yourself as Spring comes along. With winter being so long and cold I don’t really have any outdoor hobbies, but as soon as the snow melts and the weather warms up a little its all about to change.

Opening the windows and spring cleaning the house is an obvious to do, but it needs to be done all the same.

Going for a walk helps me clear my mind so much and is something I look forward to at least every evening. Enjoying nature also helps clear my mind and help focus on the little things like listening to the birds sing, and what flowers are in bloom as I walk by.

Starting a garden always gives me something to look forward to. Knowing that I made those flowers grow and bloom allows me to appreciate it even more.

A resolution to myself this year is to try to buy more locally. Rather than going to a supermarket for groceries, I want to try visiting a farmers market for local/in season produce and homemade foods. I also want to do my research and start buying meat locally too rather than not knowing how long something has been packaged for or where in the world it even came from.

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