Fall Morning Routine

As the mornings grow darker and chilly, my whole routine changes. I want to lay in beg longer and curl up in the blankets.

But when I finally decide to start my day I open blinds and curtains to let that natural light in and see the colors outside. Hearing the birds chirp and knowing that nature also isn’t as busy as the summer months. There’s always a slight chill in the house in the early morning and I love to dress cozy for the first half of my day. Leggings, a comfy sweater and some slipper socks are usually the go to. Dressing warm is key as my first part of the morning is spent letting the puppy outside. Going outside to the quiet, where everything is just waking up is the most peaceful part of my morning, Breathing in the cold air and taking in nature is therapeutic to my mind.

After we get back inside its breakfast time for my fur babies and coffee or tea time for me. I typically have a slow morning and just take the time to relax as my evenings are when I’m most busy with work. Sipping on a couple cups of a hot beverage and giving all the animals attention helps me wake up and I’ve really been enjoying this before jumping right into breakfast and getting my day started.

I’ve been trying to listen to my body when having breakfast in the morning. Waiting to know when I’m actually hungry before fueling my body. Starting my day off right by waiting and taking the time to make a nutritious meal has really helped time out my meals and not feel so hungry/snacky the rest of the day. I also take this time to catch up on YouTube or shows.

Once I’ve finished breakfast is when I slowly get started with my day. I’ll get a load of laundry going, shower/and or do my skin care routine, fix my hair and put on some makeup. Then I take some time and make my bed, also picking up the bedroom before I head to the kitchen. I put away any clean dishes from the night before and reload the dishwasher and hand wash and dishes that need it. As cold and flu season is here I make sure not only that everything is wiped clean but also disinfected too.

Finally my day begins with either running errands, working on school or this blog, or sometimes the puppy will take up the morning as she is only 4 months old and demands my attention more some days.

Tell me in the comments if your routine changes with the seasons! Does fall allow you to slow down after the busy summer months?

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