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  • Spring Self Care
    Advertisements Yes, sometimes it takes 4 months into the new year to really start getting my life together and making some plans/promises to myself. It should never be too late to start, but the renewal of spring seems like a fresh start. Just a quick reminder to take it easy on yourself, and that are […]
  • Spring time = Spring cleaning!!!
    Advertisements That’s right, its that time of year to declutter the house and clean all those places you’ve been avoiding. I’ve even taken the time to make some cleaning checklists for everyone, focusing on one room at a time. Get your free copies here: Lastly take the time to open the windows and let that […]
  • February Update
    Advertisements How this month has been going… Frugal February….I won’t lie to you all, its been a struggle. We went out for dinner once and went out and saw a movie. It was my fiancé’s and I’s first movie together in the 2 years we’ve been dating. My fiancé and I are planning our wedding […]

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Hi, I’m Laura. Recently engaged to my best friend, Matthew. I’m a mom of 2 fur babies, Chow Chow and Ali. I’m currently going back to school to pursue a career in the medical field. I just feel passionate and drawn to sharing my life with you! Thank you.

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