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  • Fall Morning Routine

    Advertisements As the mornings grow darker and chilly, my whole routine changes. I want to lay in beg longer and curl up in the blankets. But when I finally decide to start my day I open blinds and curtains to let that natural light in and see the colors outside. Hearing the birds chirp and […]

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  • Welcome Fall

    Advertisements Time to officially welcome the fall season! Time to break out the pumpkins, apple cider, blankets, cozy sweaters, candles and so so much more. Here in Michigan it went from 90 degree weather down to 60 and I’m loving the change in temp. The rain has finally come and I’ve been content to stay […]

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  • February Update

    Advertisements How this month has been going… Frugal February….I won’t lie to you all, its been a struggle. We went out for dinner once and went out and saw a movie. It was my fiancé’s and I’s first movie together in the 2 years we’ve been dating. My fiancé and I are planning our wedding […]

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  • Current Reads

    Advertisements Just thought I’d pop on here and share my current reads of the past month. I love to read and am slowly getting back into this enjoyable hobby. Life seems so busy at times, but when you realize how much time we spend in front of the tv or scrolling on our phones, we […]

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